Would You Like To Improve Your Broadband?

Faster Broadband

Okay, it’s time to talk about enhancing the speed of your broadband, which you can, fortunately, do in just a few simple steps. There are two sides to this story, both inside and outside your home. Outside of your house, you’re going to be dealing with the service quality that your service provider gives you. If it’s not a level or quality of service that you are happy with, then you need to consult your provider about what they can do to improve things for you. However, if you’re still not satisfied, then see about changing your service provider to someone that is able to deliver you faster broadband speeds.

However, once you move into your home, you need to start thinking about the computer equipment you have. If your computer is an older one, then it likely runs slow in terms of broadband speed. Even if your computer is reasonably new, you might want to refresh the software in order to be sure it’s fully optimized for current speeds and capabilities.

Whatever age or model of computer you have, be sure that you are fully up to date on your antivirus so that you have protection from the nastier elements of the online world which often eat up your bandwidth.

When you have broadband, you’ll also have a piece of hardware known as a router. That’s what connects your personal computer to the larger Internet. Not all routers have the same quality, and the quality of yours will seriously influence the speed of your broadband service.

You’ll likely get a router when you first sign up for your broadband contract or deal, but you need to consider that it’s unlikely to be the best one available in the current market. Consider an upgrade for better speeds.

If your router is wireless, then the space between it and your computer is critical. Shorter distances are better here. Also, aim for the fewest amount of obstructions possible between your router and computer, including furniture and walls.

Routers aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing things but don’t stick it in the back of a cupboard. That’s only going to slow things down.

If your wireless router is still giving you issues, consider switching to a cable or wired model. It might sound retro and even counterintuitive, but cables, particularly ethernet cables, are often faster suggest www.simplyswitch.com/broadband/

Finally, one other thing that can really bog down your broadband is how many folks at home are using it. The fewer people using it at once, the better everyone’s speeds will be.

If you have a lot of folks doing different things across the home, then it’s going to slow down.

Also, make sure that you have a strong security password locking out nosy neighbors from piggybacking off of your system and stealing some of your broadband.


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