Video Marketing: Pro Tips for Finding Voice Over Talent


So you’ve developed a solid script, your timeline is set, and you’re ready to start producing your digital marketing video. Now all you need is the find the talent to bring your story to life.

Finding the right voice for your video is just as important as creating a compelling script. The perfect voice will represent your brand, bring authenticity and emotion, and build a relationship with your customer.

Below are tips to find the perfect voice overs.

Define the Tone and Style You Want

The script already has a tone and style to it, and hopefully a target audience. If your video marketing targets affluent suburbanites, the audience expects a voice to match. An actor with a thick accent of any kind might disorient the audience.

Creating a clear target audience and defining what feeling you want your audience to react with, will help to narrow down the type of actor you’re looking for.


Another video marketing aspect of style and tone to think about is whether you’re looking for a male vs. female voice.

Studies show that audiences trust the sound of a female voice over males. Lower pitch voices appear aggressive, while the natural pitch of female voices come off friendlier and more trustworthy. But maybe you want an aggressive voice.

Products considered “gender-neutral” can either have a male or female voice, but the products that are heavily related to one side of the spectrum or another are less flexible. When you see a skincare commercial, you expect a female voice or higher male voice. A voice over for a commercial for Budweiser is almost exclusively deeper and calloused. Your audience should be reflected in the voice actor you’re searching for.

Some advice to heed, diversity is just as important in voice acting as traditional on screen acting. Read about the discussion and importance of diversity in voice acting here.

Search gig sites as well as agencies


Today’s video market is saturated with freelancers and voice actors from agencies. A talent agency may seem like the first because of the traditional structure. If you haven’t had experience with freelancers before, the idea may seem jarring. The truth is, putting in the work to find your talent should not be constricted to agency actors only. Some of the best voice over actors strictly freelance. With online platforms and marketplaces popping up everyday, don’t limit yourself to traditional thinking.  Listen to demos from all over. We want to help you find talent to animate your story.

Gig sites vs Agencies

Both sides carry pro’s and con’s. Gig sites are convenient, affordable, and easy to use, especially for short-term projects. You have more creative involvement and can filter to exactly what you want. But that’s all on you. Finding a freelancer requires a little more time and effort, and the person you want might not be available for when you need them.

Working with an agency allows for a middle man to do the gritty work. You have a list of requirements, have an additional hand for help, and have a clear policy for accountability set up. There are solid lines and it’s easier to navigate. The biggest downside is typically the cost.

Voice Over Auditions

Finally, you’ve selected a handful of talents, listened to their demos, and reached out to meet them. When they come in for the audition, already decide on the lines and feelings you need from them. Give them a range and allow for a little creativity. They might deliver a line in a way you never considered! You’re looking for a voice that represents your brand and message.

Overall, the most important thing to keep in mind is the authenticity of your brand. You want a voice to match your mission. You know your target audience and your product. The voice actor humanizes your business.

About the Author

Roberta Lynn is co-founder and CFO of Afford A Voice, a leading voice talent marketplace offering professional voice over services for audio, video and film production. To learn more about Afford A Voice and browse their roster of available voice talents visit

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