Three Top Tips for Choosing a Web Design Agency

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If you’re looking for a new website, it’s important not just to select an agency with the right skills, but also one that you know you’re going to be happy working with.

There’s a lot you need to consider before reaching your final decision, so here are three top tips to take into account when trying to choose an agency.

Check Their Existing Work

Firstly, head to an agency’s website and see what (if any) previous work they have listed. If they aren’t happy to show off their work, then alarm bells should probably be ringing!

If they do, try to find if they’ve done anything that’s in a similar industry to your own and think about whether their style would work for you.

According to London-based agency Liquid Bubble: “It’s important to try and look past pretty designs and try to put yourself in the shoes of a customer when browsing a website. Consider how easy or difficult it is to navigate and use, as well as looking at the visual design.”

Even if they do have a good portfolio available to view, it makes sense that they’re only going to display their very best work here, so be sure to ask for references on top of this too.

If you do get the chance to speak to previous clients of the agency, be sure to ask them not just about how pleased they were with the site, but also about how easy the agency was to work with, and whether they felt they got on with them as people too.

Ask Lots of Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions when trying to select a design agency. The most important thing to figure out is where their key competencies lie.

Do they specialise solely in web design or do they have experience in areas such as SEO, copywriting and content marketing, as these will all be important things to take into account with your web design.

You’ll also want to know some more practical info such as which content management system they’re using, or whether they can make you a mobile-friendly site.

Each has their own benefits (you can find out more in this handy guide), but you’ll probably want to go with an agency which uses one of the more commonly used ones, such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, because if you part ways with the agency further down the line, another agency could easily pick up the site.

Find an Agency That Aligns with Your Business

By this, we mean that in the same way that you wouldn’t go with a huge expensive agency if you’re just a one-man band, you wouldn’t go with a tiny one if you’re a multi-million-pound business.

Try to find an agency which is aligned with the size of your own business. Some people prefer knowing that there a huge team of people behind the work that’s being done, while others prefer knowing that there’s always the same person available at the end of the phone if they have any problems.

Don’t just think about the size of the agency though, and consider whether they have previous experience working in your niche or with similar businesses to your own.

Of course, all of this will have an impact on the cost of the site, which is going be a large determining factor in your decision.


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