The pros and cons of hosting an automated webinar

Hosting a webinar has two options: one is going live or another one recording before and playing for viewers at a scheduled time. This process is done through an automated webinar. You can get in touch with a webinar marketing agency who can host a webinar for you. 

There are a lot of pros and cons of using automated webinars.

Webinar Pros and Cons

What is an automated webinar?

We can call it a prerecorded video streaming is known as an automated webinar. It’s not like live streaming. The video which they want to stream is recorded before, and when they want, they can stream.


You can use it again and again

An automated webinar, which is that once you have yours done and recorded, you never need to return and do either again. You’ll generally have this incredible evergreen substance available. 

Organizations that use live webinars need to have them again and again. This implies somebody needs to remove time from their day to remain before a camera for 30 to an hour. If there are designs included or some other piece of their presentation, those must be matched up and played, as well.

You can watch it round the clock.

By automated webinar, an organization can utilize an automated webinar nonstop and around the year. 

Another disadvantage of the live form is basically that you forget about a ton of individuals who might want to join in; however, they can’t as a result of planning clashes. 

This incorporates individuals who may have earlier commitments. Still, at the same time, we’re discussing entire nations in other time zones for whom it may primarily be too badly arranged to even think about attending your webinar. By recording an automated webinar, individuals can watch yours at whatever point it bodes well for them.


The greatest fear the vast majority of people have before hosting a webinar is that they will mess up. This isn’t difficult to accept, given that most individuals’ biggest dread is open talking. Because they’re not straightforwardly before a group of people doesn’t make things any more straightforward. 

A few people certainly mess up, as well. While nobody’s ideal, you would prefer not to have your organization ineffectively represented because the host of your webinar can’t convey when you go live. This could make your business look novice, particularly if contenders are improving their webinars.

Automated webinars can meet automated incomes

An automated webinar could likewise mean a reoccurring source of income for your organization. All things considered, as you’re likely mindful, heaps of organizations charge watchers to watch their webinars. 

Because yours is automated doesn’t mean you have to cost any less. Even though you unquestionably need to be straightforward with them about this, if you have some incredible tributes to promote from individuals who increased a great deal from your webinar, this won’t be an issue.

Webinar 2


No urgency

One extremely incredible approach to get individuals to pursue your automated webinar is by accentuating a need to keep moving. Numerous organizations do this by telling individuals they will just let participants join until a specific day or up to a particular measure of individuals. From that point onward, no more individuals will be permitted to join in. 

As you can envision, this can make a webinar sell out immediately, regardless of whether they desire to move quickly is fake. This is hard to do with an automated webinar. It’s certainly feasible, fundamentally. You could state that you need to downplay participation to make it simpler to respond to individuals’ inquiries a short time later, yet you’d need to make a pretty decent case for this.

Lack of Interaction

One major disadvantage you truly can’t beat while hosting an automated webinar is that you can’t rely on a similar degree of cooperation as you would get during a live form. There’s simply no chance to get for somebody to ask you an inquiry while a recorded webinar is playing. 

On the off chance that you were to some way or another permit this, it would merely bode well to do the webinar live in any case. This is not a little disadvantage, either. Numerous individuals anticipate webinars because they realize they’ll get an opportunity to pose inquiries of a power figure. Different occasions, somebody may be somewhat confused by a specific point and now have no chance to get or request an explanation.

Cheap Quality

At last, there are a few reasons your automated webinar may put on a show of being modest, which is just about the exact opposite thing you need. We’ve addressed these somewhat or another, yet we’ll sum up them here. 

To begin with, the absence of commitment can cause it to appear as though you weren’t worried about your watchers and needed to assemble something. As live webinars keep on developing in ubiquity, this will progressively turn into the case. Somebody who went to a webinar a week ago where crowd individuals could pose inquiries will be stunned to discover they can’t be yours.  

Likewise, as commitment keeps on being viewed as a premium, not having it will seem as though a sham. 

Second, having the option to get to a webinar day in and day out is incredible. However, it likewise makes it look less valuable. Lamentably, people will, in general, connect eliteness with esteem. Along these lines, by attempting to be useful and ensure individuals can watch your webinar at whatever point you need, you’re harming your odds of impressing them a great deal of the time.

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