Swype is Dead, but Here’s Another Option


At the beginning of this March, Nuance, the company that acquired veteran swipe-to-type keyboard maker Swype announced that they were “sorry to leave the direct-to consumer keyboard business” but on the other side decided to “concentrate on developing our AI solutions”. Indeed, for all fans of third-party keyboards this is a mournful news. On Facebook, Youtube and major online technology forums, we see people discussing about the doom and gloom of keyboard market. Yes, it is worth for us to rethink profoundly of what is the real destination of developing keyboard, and how could we thrive from today forward, in an inevitable tougher marketplace.

When asked about the innovation center of the world, investors and observers have turned their focuses to Asia. With leading technology firms from all across China, Japan, Korea and Singapore, we have witnessed a booming and energetic market emerging from the west coast of Pacific Ocean. Based in Beijing, Sogou is undoubtedly the most influential keyboard industry leader in China. With more than 3,400 million active users nationwide, we have the confidence and determination to step into oversea market and bring our exclusive services to customers from all over the world. Typany, a keyboard app now supports more than 100 languages, is the crystallization of our belief and value for developing the exact product that is innovated not just based on trend but also by understanding and following the true desire of customers. Targeted mainly at overseas users, we have achieved great success in Southeast Asia market already. With the support of cutting-edge AI and other industry leading technology such as instant translation, we have already foreseen a broader market worldwide.

For Typany, smart, diverse and time-saving solutions are all highly treasured. In terms of innovation ideas, we are always devoted to escalating the level of customization by developing unique features for users with various demands. It is no doubt that the death of Swype does give us more vital reference values on how to stand out and keep ahead; For dearest readers like you, it is also the exact time to try and on board your brand new journey with our beloved Typany. Start your new experience today, we will always keep your company whenever you share your treasury moments with your friends.


Typany Keyboard App is powered by Sogou, well known in China for its language input method, universally employed by Chinese users. Sogou has been developing smartphone software since 2006. Its Keyboard App, Typany Keyboard, has harnessed AI technology to provide a performance edge and improved customer experience. Typany’s mission is to team with users to bring the smartest, most diverse, time-saving solution to billions more people worldwide.



Contact: Yami Sun, Product Marketing Manager

Address: Typany Keyboard, 9th Floor, Sohu.com Internet Plaza, No.1 Park, Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100084, PRC

Website: http://typany.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/typany/

Email: typany_press@sogou-inc.com

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