Programmatic Advertising is Changing the Game


Advertising has long been the predominant source of revenue for a brand in media and entertainment. Now programmatic advertising is disrupting the landscape and opening breakthrough possibilities. Programmatic ads have been used for years in display formats, but are now moving into digital video and video-on-demand.

Brands can now segment and target audiences while automatically setting bid specifications for optimal ad spend. And while programmatic has its challenges, many brands are finding the efficiencies gained through automated advertising hard to ignore.

Advertising challenges make programmatic attractive

Ad agencies that serve large accounts with thousands of keywords—e-commerce brands, for example—cannot sufficiently handle keyword management, especially at a granular level. Manually bidding on so many keywords can require a full team of ad placement specialists. On top of that, advertisers who want to segment their audiences can’t rely on manual bidding.

Programmatic has been used primarily for non-premium content. However, advertisers are relying on automated ad software for ad buying and selling on premium and streaming video content. Historically, the digital advertising world relied on cookies to gauge ad impressions. But because of shifting advertising models, a single ad impression can now be delivered in many different ways to multiple devices and through different channels, changing the underlying nature of how digital ads are bought, delivered, and measured. In a world where programmatically delivered ads can be viewed on mobile devices, set-top boxes, or social channels, cookies have become obsolete.

Brands need advanced analytics and audience targeting capabilities to build out their advertising offerings in an efficient, and more importantly effective, way. With automated bidding, you have the flexibility to structure your accounts with bucketed campaigns and ad groups in any combination you want for bidding purposes.

A big advancement in programmatic is the viewability metric that tracks only ads and impressions that are seen by users, allowing you to reduce wasteful ad spend. Solutions such as Adobe’s Media Optimizer or Google’s Target CPA Bidding enable advertisers to make more informed decisions, measure their returns, and win in the quickly evolving world of programmatic advertising

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