Mobile app for e-commerce: should you develop it for an online store?

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The share of mobile traffic as well as the number of smartphone-users grows significantly, making when of whether to create an online store application timely and relevant. When it’s simple to make an order, customers will buy more and the business will sell more and make more profit.

Nowadays delivery services, fast food chains, real estate agencies, construction companies and more have their own mobile applications. Sometimes online stores commission development of their own smartphone applications, although this measure isn’t appropriate in every case.

In this article, written for our site by the Lvivity (software development company located in Lviv, Ukraine), we’ll get to grips with the benefits that mobile applications provide online stores and get to know who should adopt them first.

The advantages of mobile applications for business

Mobile Applications for Business

Every business is unique in its own way, and has its own individual characteristics and needs. Mobile application availability provides the company with a number of important advantages that should be considered in detail.

Smartphone is at hand

A PC is not at hand throughout a day, but a smartphone is always with you: in public transport, in lines, at a cafe table along with a delicious cup of coffee, at a party, and so on and so forth.

Even if a computer is nearby but switched off, many people would prefer to use a smartphone instead of going to the PC and turning it on. A mobile application is therefore more available to potential customers than a website, at least in theory.

Push-notifications for attracting attention

A common feature added to the mobile applications of modern stores is a push-notification function. This helps to attract users’ attention, remind them about the store, and inform them about promotions, discounts and sales.

Still, it is worth noting that some people consider push-notifications very annoying, and they might even delete the application to get rid of the notifications.

A simple way to pay for goods

If your application takes orders by credit card (as well as electronic money, funds of a mobile phone account, etc.), this will speed up and simplify the charging process. This is especially important for cards that assume dynamic passwords with SMS message-sending: your client does not have to remember the password and enter it somewhere else (for example, in a special field on the site).

Repeated sales

Here is an impressive statistic: an increase of the retention rate (returns to the store) by 5% cause profit growth of 25-95% (depending on the industry specifics). It is much easier to sell something to an old client than a new one. A mobile application facilitates frequent returns through the push-notifications channel.

It has been proven that push-notifications on mobile applications cause repeat sales rates to double.

Mobile App Sales Graph

Convenience and performance speed

A well-developed application speeds up and simplifies the processes of registering, paying and completing an order. For users, it is easy to open the program on their smartphone, simply click on the products they like and complete the purchase.

As a rule, information about products is provided in applications in a somewhat simplified form, which is great for those users who like brevity and simplicity.

Which online stores need a mobile app first?

Not every owner of an e-commerce business should rush to commission a mobile application development. However, it may be particularly worth considering for entrepreneurs whose online stores meet the following criteria:

  1. The online shop experiences repeat sales

As mentioned above, one of the key drawbacks of mobile applications is their uselessness for customers who make a one-time purchase. Still, if your online store gets a high percentage of repeat sales, developing a convenient program will indeed benefit your business.

Creating an appropriate advertising campaign for this will cause a significant portion of your regular customers to download the application and use it.

  1. Consistent target audience

A consistent target audience means users who constantly visit your site for some reason. They do not necessarily always make purchases, but they are interested in your goods, stocks, interesting articles, etc.

If such target audience is broad enough, then you could also take a risk and invest in developing a mobile application. Many fans of your site will be interested in such a program, and perhaps some of them will even start making purchases more often.

  1. Site attendance of more than 500 people per day

If your online store has an impressive amount of traffic, then you could share it on another channel. In case of attendance above 500 people per day, you can try to persuade some users to download its application.

To be successful, you need to promote the application properly and provide some bonuses to those who decide to download it.


It’s not true that mobile applications are only for big brands like Walmart or Bank of America. More and more small and medium enterprises are following the mobile trend, realizing that an effective mobile strategy means more than just a company website adapted for gadgets.


If you carefully examine the surrounding businesses, you will notice that many small businesses that you interact with in everyday life already have their own mobile application, no matter whether it’s a cafe or a downtown beauty salon. These companies are one step ahead of their competitors, and you will be able to rise to a new level and be among them by promoting your marketing in the right way.


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