Using Insights To Create Your Next Branded Content

So you’re planning to create your next branded content but short of the insights to create it effectively. Don’t panic, I have you covered already. Before you think of creating your next content for your brand you need to first determine who your target readers are, what problems they have that need solution, where they hang out, what they do, among many others. This is what is called the customer’s persona.

Unsing Insights for Branded Content

Doing this will go a long way to crafting the most effective content that will generate high-quality traffic and results for your business.

Now that you understand this, let’s see what exactly an Insight is.

Before I go into the meaning of insights, let me first clear you on what brand is.

Investopedia defines a brand as “an identifying symbol, mark, logo, name, word, and/or sentence that companies use to distinguish their product from others”.

Did you get that?

Ok. Now let’s move on to what an insight is.

What’s Insights?

Insights is a tool that provides you with information or data about your followers (customers or audience) and the type of content that interests them most. For every content marketer, using insights for better branded content is a sure way to advance your business goals. One of the benefits of using insights for content marketing is that it lets your audience see you as that person who cares and shares in their plights. 

Additionally, insights give the advantage of reaching more people, attaining your business goals, and building a community for your brand.

Types of Insights

There are different ways to gain insight for your business but it all depends on what you aim to achieve with it. Here are the various types of insights you can use:

  • Customer insights
  • Cultural insights
  • Future insights
  • Product Insights
  • Brand Insights
  • Market Insights
  • Purchase Insights
  • Usage Insights
  • Owners Insights

4 Ways Content Marketers Can Use Social Insights to Create Branded Content

As a content marketer you need to take cognizance of what is happening across social platforms in order to deliver more relevant, engaging, and customized content for your target audience. And since everyone (both young and old) is now going social you need to create a presence for your business there.

Whether you’re trying to use insights to sell more sponsored content or create branded content for your content marketing campaign, here are some ways to use social insights to achieve your goals:

Identify Gravitating Events on Social

Identifying what event is trending on social is the best way your business can win the hearts of your audience. By collecting social data you’ll understand your audience in so many ways. You’ll be able to understand what event catches their attention and on which social networks they love to engage. And then you can create content that will be right in time and resonate with them.

And more importantly, by identifying trending events on social you can become relevant in social conversation and build a new community of customers.

Stay Updated With Local and Global Events

Talks on social platforms revolve around happenings in both local and global world and so keeping a pulse on what’s trending locally and globally can help you create relevant content. You may even want to create content that target certain events that’s trending in a particular geographical location.  

Understand the Importance of Social Data

Social data shouldn’t be treated in isolation with insights but rather as part of your larger marketing strategy. With the insights social data provides you about your customers you should integrate social data into your content marketing strategy. It’s true that social data can influence content marketing decisions but identifying the social networks where your audience love to engage most and how long they stay on the network can help you determine how to reach your audience using appropriate channel and content.  

Step to Create Shareable and Engaging Branded Content

You need not just more content to create awareness and visibility for your brand. But you need engaging and shareable content that’s a true representation of your business brand. While this can be a daunting task for most businesses there are steps to follow.  Here are the steps to create shareable and engaging branded content.

Align Your Content with Your Brand

Before you dive into the content creation proper there are several questions you need to ask yourself – why are you creating the content? What format should the content take? What benefit will it provide for your audience? 

No matter the type of content you create, or the format you adopt, what’s most important is to make sure it’s a true representation of your brand. The tone and voice of your content must align with your business brand. So when a customer lands on your blog they can easily separate it from the rest – the competitors.

To achieve all of these you need to conduct research to see what’s already working with your competitors and why it’ll continue to work. To make the whole thing simple for you, here is what you need to do to align your content strategy with your brand strategy.

  • Keep your audience in the picture when creating your content. You can only achieve this if you have clear understanding of your audience, what they’re interested in, what social networks they hang out on, and then create content that resonates with that.
  • Design editorial standards and follow them sincerely. Here you need to define editorial guidelines that will clearly spell out what tone, words, voice, and imagery to use in your content strategy.
  • Design a buyer’s journey framework. This must align with the journey you want your customers to embark on with your brand. Here you consider stages like awareness, entertainment, engagement, and conversion. At every stage, your content should be designed to fulfill a set goal.

Choose the Right Content Distribution Channel

Now that you’ve created your content and aligned it with your brand, it’s time to decide which channel to use in distributing it.There are so many methods for distributing content.From social media to company’s website, and from email to paid media, and influencers’ advocates, there area variety ofchannels to choose from.

But the question is: How do you make the right choice of channel?

Here are the things to consider making the right choice of content distribution channel.

Carry Out Content Promotion Plan

Next to choosing the right content distribution is carrying out your content promotion plan. At this point, you’re ready to start implementing your content promotion plan to allow for maximizing visibility for your content.

The first set of people you need to start spreading the news about your new content is your internal team – your employees. This is easy as they already have the awareness and faith in your brand. After the internal team, comes the external audience whom you should be able to convert easily. This is so as your brand has already gained credibility through your internal team.   

Wrapping Up

Using insights to create your next branded content can be the easiest way to make sure your content is engaging, shareable, and resonate with your target audience. Be that as it may, there are some steps to take and factors to consider. 

Overall, this piece has all you’ll ever need to succeed and I suggest you devour every single detail in it before taking a step.

How have you been able to use insights in your content marketing strategy?

Is there anything you think we’re leaving out?

Kindly share your view with us.

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