How To Focus At Work

We have all faced a time when you are working and something else comes up.  This distraction may not be important, but you end up giving it all of your attention and when you return to your work you have no idea where you left off or what you need to do.  You simply can’t find the energy to put your heart and mind back into it.

how to focus at work

At these times, you will generally not be able to focus on work anymore and be less productive.  However, as you will never be able to successfully shut the world out when you are working, you have to figure out how to stay focused at work.  To do this, you will need to find the right techniques, know what your priorities are and stick to this.

Get a Good Rest

A good night’s rest sets you up for a better quality day and means you’re rested and far more able to focus at work. This means getting to bed early at night, not looking at your phone before bedtime and having a good wind down routine. A good bed can help as can one of these CostCo Mattresses. Additionally, make sure you’re a breakfast before work as this will help with focus.

Make Your Work Fun And Inspiring

Any task that you need to complete will take a large part of your focus.  This is why you need to ask yourself why you should be doing something before you start it.  When you know why you should be doing something, it gives you some encouragement and inspiration to get it done.  This will help you value your task.

You should also look at ways of making your tasks fun.  You should look at allowing your imagination to come into play and step outside of the approved borders that you have.  When you have options open to you, you will be able to create fun ideas which will help you focus on your work.

Have The Right Chair And Table Combination

There are a lot of people who find their work to be strenuous even when they are sitting down all day.  Discomfort can also lead to distraction and you will want to avoid this.  This is why you need to look at getting the right chair that offers you the back support you need.  You should also ensure that your desk is well-structured and is comfortably arrange so you can work for hours without any problems.

Have An Organized Work Station

When you have too many items on your desk or within arm’s reach, you will actually be distracting yourself.  If you want to stay focused, you need to neatly organize your desk and put everything that you do not need right now away in the drawers.  You should also have a specific area of your desk for your bag, food, drinks and any other personal items.  However, your drinks should be within reach so that you can stay hydrated without losing focus.

Make Your Computer Distraction-Free

Something that all computers users should do is to create shortcuts to the programs that you use most frequently.  You should also ensure that all files related to each task or project you have are in one folder.  You should also ensure that your computer is virus-free which will save you having to check and repair it.  When your computer crashes or you cannot find the files you need you will feel stressed and less interested in your work.

Have Water Nearby

Drinking water is not only good for your health, it will also mentally refresh you.  When you feel the first twinges of hunger or fatigue, you should have a glass of water.  You will generally be able to finish what you are doing after this and rest later.

If your stomach is rumbling, you might not be hungry and simply need to drink a glass of water.  This is why you should always have water in reach when working.  Not having to get up for water will ensure you remain focused and do not become the victim of distractions.

Bring In Some Snacks

While you should have water close by, you should also consider having some snacks for your grumbling stomach.  When you are able to grab a quick bite at your desk, you will not be distracted by activities outside of your workstation.  Keeping a snack close by will help you stay focused and get your work done.

Have A Daily To-Do List

It is actually very helpful to have a list of tasks that need to be completed next to your computer.  When you have this list on your phone or computer, you open the door to other trivial tabs and activities.  When looking at your lists you might be drawn to checking your messages or looking at other unimportant things.

It is important that you place the to-do list somewhere that you will always see it.  You should take the time to cross out the completed tasks which will make you feel more motivated.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Your most productive time will be the first hour of work.  This is due to the fact that you will have the most energy at this point.  This is why you should do all of the challenging and difficult tasks in this first hour.  You can then follow up with the less pressing work and end the day with your routine tasks.

When you prioritize your work correctly, you will be more focused on what you need to do.  You will also spend your precious time on the tasks that are most important.  When you do this, you will never have to stress about finishing something close to the end of the day.

Let Other People Know About Your Personal Policies

If you want to make your personal system work, you need to let other people know about it.  When you tell everyone, there is a better chance that you will be left alone to get your work done.  Everyone at work will know when your free time is and will be able to ask you questions then.  Of course, you should make it clear that you should only be disturbed for urgent matters.

Put On Headphones

Offices are noisy and there are a lot of sounds that can be very distracting.  You can protect yourself from these distracting noises by having your headphones on.  Headphones will keep these other noises our and will ensure that your mind does not wander.

Make Yourself Unreachable

Not all of the calls you get during the day are important.  This is why you should consider turning off your phone or putting on silent in the hours when you need to focus on work.  You can always set up your voicemail to catch any important calls that you might miss.

When it comes to instant messaging services, you should put yourself as busy or invisible.  If you are still getting messages, you should turn the system off and only turn it back on when you are not busy.

Stay Away From Social Media

Social media websites are not meant to be checked every few minutes and you need to become more disciplined about this.  You should only log into your social accounts when you have a few extra minutes.  Social media always has the chance that you will stay online for longer than you intend because something new or interesting is going on.  Going onto these websites will not only distract you for the time you are actively on them, you will remain focused on the information once you head back to work.

Organize Your Emails

Email is another stressful and distracting activity.  Most people have a lot of email and it could be a mixture of work and personal mail, updates from your colleagues and undoubtedly spam.  One of the best ways to overcome the issue with email is to have a dedicated work email address.

You should also look at filtering your email to get rid of all the spam that you might be getting.  You should also take the time to unsubscribe to any lists that you no longer require.  You should also have a system of organizing your email to see what you need to attend to and what can be deleted.

Redesign Your Phone Use

During business hours, phones are meant for important communication and not for talking about what you did last night.  When you ensure that you only use the phone for business matters, you will find that you are more focused on your work.  You can also ask your colleagues to take a message from clients who call at certain times to ensure that your focus is not broken.

Once you have completed your most important work, you can get back to them and explain the delay briefly.  In the next few minutes, you can ask about their concerns, note everything down and inform them that you will get back to them.  When you call your clients back, you should try limiting the amount of time that you spend on the phone as much as possible.

Choose Suitable Music

Having music playing in the background is meant to relax you and provide you with inspiration.  There are many people who fell more energized when listening to music.  However, you need to choose the right kind of music when you are working.

You should consider organizing your music library accordingly.  The music should not be distracting and needs to help you focus. Sudden and loud music will not always help you focus even if you like the songs.



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