How to beat all competitors using only one multilink from Taplink?

Hi, guys! Today I’m gonna tell you how to use one great service to make your Instagram account more attractive to users, increase customer’s interest in your business and make social networks a direct source of income.


How to implement an interesting business idea through Taplink?

Starting a business in 2019 is a heroic act or a great folly. One told me so,when I decided to open my own travel agency, after 15 years of working for someone else’s uncle in the tourism sector. Consider this – several years of financial instability, sanctions, higher prices and lower living standards.Tourism sector declined as well – generally, people have enough money to travel only inside their country. However, I came to the tourist market-with an interesting idea. And it was Taplink that helped me bring it to life.

All customers are already on Instagram!

For a couple of years, Instagram, from the photo exchanging social network, turned to a real business platform. But the competition feels here as well. Users are getting tired of the obsessive attention from business accounts and numerous «profitable offers». I was literally racking my brain about how to make an offer unobtrusive.

Chance came to my aid, more precisely – the unexpected «like» of my photo by a famous construction company with over 35 thousand subscribers. As a novice user, I was very pleased with such attention. My attention was caught by the link in their BIO – taplink. That how I met a resource that became my indispensable assistant. I decided to try it,because I do not have my own website (and now I don’t need it!) or any other representation on the Internet, except social networks.

How can I attract users to a business account?

Unfortunately, the Instagram account description (BIO) is limited by the number of symbols and you can put there only one active link. Taplink significantly enhances user capability. By using this service, I place a link to Pinterest account, made a tab for a direct call to WhatsApp. Below, there are a video series with interesting collages of photos and funny video sketches from our client’s holidays. Photos are absolutely real, not staged, not glamorous. All beauty is natural – honest facts, not embellished types of hotels and beaches. Farther on the page there is the slider with special offers and discounts. And the lastlink leads to the page with burning tours, which was created in Facebook. It turned out a real one-page website. There are free and paid tariffs. It is worth noting that the payment is minimal and acceptable even for small businesses.

How to set up Taplink system?

The installation of Taplink smart links does not require programming knowledge.You do not need to contact website developers either. We can do everything ourselves! Look, remember and implement. Visit the official website  and register.Attach your Insta account. Fill in everything as in a usual social network. The intuitive interface, the color of the buttons and the font size can be changed.Setup takes no more than 10 minutes.

Who can use Taplink?

This service – a good luck for those who do not have a website on the Internet.You place all the information that would be contained on the site (which creation worth a lot of money, by the way).

Communication on Instagram is very popular and encourages people to use services, so I would recommend this service for beauty, travel, fashion,health, and cosmetics blogs. Girls are more responsive in terms of shopping,which can be used to develop business in Instagram.

What will change after smart link installation?

Dear colleagues, just imagine – you can increase the number of calls by 30%, almost twice the attendance of your other sites. Sales increase by 20-50% depending on the season.

A direct link to WhatsApp or Viber gives you the opportunity to discuss everything in detail,to pay more attention to customers. Many people like this – a good attitude,participation, without haste and fuss. The choice in your favor is inevitable. This is how Taplink helps to develop your business.

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