How Digital Marketing can Boost Your Online Business

Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

The world of marketing has entered a new dimension since the invention of the internet, and now we often hear about digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). There are various methods of those two modern marketing elements. There is no right or wrong since every method could be very persuasive depending on the products, region, customer tendency and many other things. Yes, it seems so complicated, but to put it simply search engine optimization is the way do your marketing to help you getting higher rank in online searches. The world of online marketing is harsh, if you are not in the first page of search engines, basically your page is as good as dead.

Another thing that you should put into your concern is Google. Google is the largest and the most common search engine used widely in the world. It’s this page which decides how good your site ranking is, and it has the authority to put your page even further back in the search results. If you are being offered of a service that will put your website on the first page instantly, it is better not to accept. Most of these service providers use illegal tricks to boost your rankings at first, but then penalized by Google, and you won’t find your page anywhere on the front pages.


It is better to do promoting by yourself, the method is not so complicated that you have to learn for months. You just have to follow these tips from SEO Strategies: Link Building in managing your content so that your page will be search engine optimized and easy to find within Google search results.

  1. Provide only informative and specialized contents

It is no secret that Google has special algorithm to recognize your digital marketing qualifies you in the specific field or industry. Your content is the deciding factor of all. You should provide informative and dedicated content to your business, and you have to use specific terms affiliated to your business.

  1. Choose the right keywords

Keywords are how the users will find you on search engines. Correct keywords will bring customers or potential ones into your page and they will read your content. Keywords also acts as the guide for Google to refer you whenever someone is searching online. This will also help you to be found before your competitors.

  1. Make use of backlinks from renowned industry

You can use links to get traffic to your site. It is better if the sites have good reputation. Backlinks from trusted sites will help you to gain credibility and reputation for products you provide.

  1. Update your content regularly

Google will always direct consumers to the best site available, as the other search engines do. By the “best”,  it means that the site will provide informative, specialized, and recent information about anything in the field of the industry.

  1. Regularly check your online marketing analytics

There are many things to observe so that you will find out which method is more suitable for your business. Use online marketing analytics to check pages most viewed by your audience, as well as the bounce rate (how long they view these pages).

The other thing you should really put your mind on is how to write the SEARCH ENGINE friendly articles. Search engine friendly articles will help improve your websites a lot. There are also several points you need to fulfill in order to produce a high-quality search engine friendly articles.

The first thing you need to understand is the articles should be useful to the readers. You should write with a consciousness of people will visit your website and read your contents, and you wouldn’t want them to be disappointed with crappy contents and not get back for the second time. Provide contents that is relevant to your business and will be useful for the readers and not just a pile of keywords and other crap to get into Google algorithm.


Effective Keyword Research is Critical

A search engine friendly article content should have keywords or keyphrases of related topic and context included. You must put those keywords throughout the articles and make sure to keep your writings flowing. An SEO article with lots of keywords will not be more attractive. Keep your keyword density at safe percentage and provide more information to the reader.

It is not so difficult to choose your keywords, anything significant to your line of business will be the perfect ones to share your ideas. For example, if you have a company which provides transportation services especially limousine for specific areas such as Brooklyn, here are some suggested keywords: Brooklyn limo service, Brooklyn Limousine, limo service Brooklyn or, Brooklyn Limo hire. Those are practical keywords and commonly used by anyone who wants to hire limousine services in certain areas.

Here is a quick and simple example how you should write the first paragraphs of your search engine articles. The keyword used is Brooklyn Limo Service:

“Limousine rides are the best option for transportation you can get and just recently NY Brooklyn limousine service has become popular among New York citizens. Which New Yorker would not want to enjoy a stylish trip through the city in a luxurious NY Brooklyn limousine service? New York City, and Brooklyn has many great places to visit. Some may even have been included into someone’s wish list. You can imagine, driving over Brooklyn Bridge or past the Empire State Building in a luxurious limo with all your best friends together with you. What a fabulous time you would have!”

Make sure to have your first paragraph contained with keywords and depending of the length of your article, you will have to spread the keywords throughout the body for several times. Find the perfect moment to slip the keywords between the words and you will find your article well flowing. Share your idea clearly and don’t hesitate to use external link to provide your arguments. There are many other methods of digital marketing out there but make sure to find the suitable ones for your line of business. Start writing your SEO articles!


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