How and Where to Promote Your Book

Have you written a book, or even several of them, only to see sales fall flat? A well-written and compelling book or ebook guarantees nothing in terms of sales when your book is competing against hundreds of thousands of books in the same genre. You need to market your book to get it in front of your potential audience. So, how do you market and promote your ebook? This article will show you the basic strategies:

Benefits of running a book promotion

The benefits of running a book promotion all involves sales at the end of the day.

  1. Increase your sales: A promotion helps you reach your full potential audience to generate more sales.
  2. Gain more reviews: On average, 1 in 100 people who buy a book on Amazon will leave a review. More sales equals more reviews. When it comes to books priced at free, the numbers are different. About 1 in 400 people who download a free ebook will leave a review. Reviews carry trust and authenticity with potential new readers, and they help readers make a buying decision.
  3. Future books: The more an author builds theirfan base now, the more readers and book sales they will have in the future.

What is a Book Promotion?

A book promotion is simply away to get you book in front of a large number readers to drive sales and pick up reviews. The best strategy is a combination of self-promotion and book promotion services. We describe each below.

Self Promotion

When self-promoting authors can use these strategies:

  • post about their book on their website, blog, or social media channels.
  • run book giveaways via social media or Amazon Giveaways.
  • email their fan base
  • pay to advertise their book on Facebook or Amazon Advertising.

Self-promotion is a never-ending effort that adds up to more sales incrementally.

Paid Book Promotions

Authors who want to get a more significant sales boost can use a book promotion service. These services typically have a large following of book lovers who receive a daily email about book deals. Book promotion services drive book sales by featuring an author’s book in the following spots:

  • e-mail newsletter
  • Promotion site’s homepage
  • Facebook and/or Instagram
  • On other social media channels such as: Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr & Flipboard

Some services might have the option to boost a Facebook post to reach more users

For most book promotion companies, it’s the email newsletter that drives the bulk of the book sales, followed next by their social media posts, and third by visitors to their website.

When choosing a promotion company check onthese basics:

1) does their newsletter have a large number of subscribers?

2)Do they have large Facebook following,

3) Do they promote books in your genre? It’s worthwhile to email the company any specific questions you have.

Recommended Book Promotion Sites

The following book promotion sites have solid reputations and are worth giving a try:

  • BookBub
  • JustKindleBooks
  • BookSliced
  • FreeBooksy
  • The Fussy Librarian
  • Free Kindle Books and Tips

The price of a book promotion can range for $15 to $300 depending on the service you use. You don’t often make all of that money back on book sales. But when you factor in the exposure, reviews, wish list adds, author follows and Kindle Unlimited downloads you get from a book promotion, the price you pay is typically made back in the long run.

Book promotion is not an easy task. Stick with it. Persistence pays off.

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