CreaSwitch goes full throttle on Voice AI


“Technology doesn’t alter our DNA , it’s showing who we actually are inside”

Alexis Gilli aims to fully take advantage of new innovative technologies. The entrepreneur, who’s CEO and co-founder of the digital agency CreaSwitch , has helped dozens of businesses all over the world by getting them to integrate and use new technologies and marketing techniques such as Voice AI, VR and Influencer Marketing at scale.

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He took a weird approach to a question about all the potential negative side effects of new technologies (which have increasing reports every year) when I video called him.

«Technology doesn’t alter our DNA, it’s showing who we actually are inside. ” he says. “The only thing that’s changed with Instagram , Facebook and Youtube is that we get to choose what we want to be entertained by . Something television never allowed. “

Alexis Gilli fully disagrees on the fact that technology can have some bad side effects.

“You are the only captain of your ship , it’s your duty to control the way you spend your time , the temptation isn’t the issue . I think there is a huge lack of responsibility. It’s always more simple to blame technology than to blame ourselves for not reaching our goals.”

Fully embracing technology is what CreaSwitch does. Voice AI isn’t different. To say they are passionate about humans talking to machines is an understatement. “Voice will going to crush any other type of interactions. Time is the ultimate leverage and that’s what voice saves»   .

Voice AI, especially Amazon Alexa may already have a bigger impact than the first computer . As soon as big companies understand that, they will all fight for a piece of the action.

“Growth numbers for Voice/AI platforms, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, are actually more impressive than the early growth numbers for mobile . According to the Accenture Digital Consumer Survey 2018 nearly a quarter of all UK consumers are now using digital assistants, 11 per cent of British adults. And up to a quarter of U.S. adults, we think, now have access to smart speakers in the home. The opportunity, in theory, is fabulous” said Mukul Devichand, Executive Editor for voice at the BBC.

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CreaSwitch has already a proven track record for leveraging the power of social media in digital marketing. They’re now going all in on voice.

The main issue is that most big companies are slow to change as they raise many questions. Who is in control of the “interaction” between the company, the user and the platform? “We are too early in the process to have the answer to all questions” says Alexis. “Going back to responsibility, you will have full control of everything because if you don’t choose to have that device, guess what ? You don’t have it. But once you decide to buy it, that relationship changes and then the device starts the process of taking over.”

Broadly considered as a risky strategy for brands to put themselves in the hands of a third party, ultimately letting the likes of Amazon or Apple speaks for your company. Gilli isn’t worried by this.  He says that there is a certain amount of micro-management that will need to be handed over.

«Is there any other option? It’s incredible how many businesses don’t take advantage of social media, let alone AI. If you are gonna build a brand / build awareness you will have to rent space one day or another. Building the funnel in such a way that you collect first party data is the 2018 way to build ultimate leverage. ”


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