Cool Accessory Trends for Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion

The snow is melting and very soon,we will be entering the Spring season, right before summer. Your fashion style for summer and spring is important as it is by far different from that of winter. Dresses are more colorful, comfortable and free! With so much sun, its essential that your fashion style also looks amazing for the entire season.Each summer and spring, there are always new fashion and accessory trends to look out for so that you can be in vogue with the season. Mostly, the Milan,Paris and New York fashion weeks are where most of these new accessories look debut and once you capture them, you can apply them to your dressing with your own inspiration.

Summer can be quite challenging to dress for because the weather could be so hot, you can’t use any of your winter layering tricks and you reveal a lot more of your body than in other seasons. Summer dressing requires knowing some of the tips and tricks to staying fashionable. Here are some neat ways to stay in perfect fashion style this summer and spring:

1.    Make use of intriguing design elements

Since you are only wearing one layer, you need to add as much verve and style to it as possible. Look for tops that have a nice, interesting design detail that will catch the eye of anyone looking at you. You can then pair this with a nice basic bottom like black trousers or a short skirt and still maintain a modern, classy look. If you are wearing a halter top or something with an off-shoulder cut, you can use a bra that can be worn invisibly under it. Bra clips help to keep the straps out of sight, or you use bra cups to ensure a great fit.

2.    Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

Accessories make your dressing even more interesting in the summer as you can play with many different colors and patterns. Headbands for your hair, bangles for your wrists, sunglasses for your eyes, there are so many fun accessories that you can use to make your summer and spring look absolutely amazing.

Here are some of the best accessories to take note of for your summer/spring styling:


Because of the sun, sunglasses are an essential accessory to have around in the summer or spring. They are stylish, easy to carry and pair well with any dressing whether you are going to the beach for a picnic or a fancy restaurant for a business dinner. There are many types of sunglasses to choose from and different styles to complement your personal style:

  • SlapSunglasses –These are usually polarized and made for both sexes. Slapsunglasses have colored frames and lenses that provide you with total eye protection from ultraviolet rays. The best part of slap sunglasses is that you can easily take them off and fold them around your wrist to carry around. This reduces the chances of them getting lost or broken if you were to keep them in your pockets and sit on them accidentally. They offer a lot of freedom and style. They also fit around your head securely so even when you have some fun activities like running or dancing, they stay put and let you be yourself all day long. With so many styles to pick from, slap sunglasses are a must-have on your fashion list this summer and spring

  • Bamboosunglasses – These wooden glasses are often handmade from solid wood or bamboo and are the latest in summer and spring eyewear fashion. They are beautiful, eco-friendly and excellent for environmentally conscious people who still want stylish eyewear that is polarized for sun protection, lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. Because they are made of natural products,they are also easy to dispose of. The woody bamboo sunglasses are the perfect accessory to make your formal outfit or beachwear pop! You can wear them to weddings, picnics, bars, birthday parties or anywhere you want to have fun this season. You can get them in many styles too like aviator, oversized, retro and colored types.
  • Kids Sunglasses – Your kids are not left out of the fun this summer as there are many cool sunglasses that they can wear to have a lot of fun this summer. Good for parties, picnics, birthday parties, beach events and anywhere they have to go, sunglasses keep their eyes shaded from the sunlight and sand or small objects that they play with.
  • Crystal ball for photography – Why dress up for the summer if you won’t take amazing photographs for your social media account? Add an extraordinary dimension to your social media photography game by using a crystal ball to capture unique perspectives of yourself and your experiences this summer.
  • Head bands – You can get summer headbands in so many styles that compliment you. Be a group lover and get matching headbands for everyone in your crew and stand out from the crowd all summer long. Headbands help to keep your face fresh from sweat and also your hair from falling all over the place when you’re having fun.
  • Anklets – Everything old is new this year and you would absolutely love the minimal look of an anklet around your heels. They are trendy and can liven up simple dressing to make you extra stylish this season.
  • Water bottle – No summer road trip is complete with a water bottle to keep you hydrated and healthy all day long. You can get this in many colors and styles to match the occasion and outfit. This is your ideal travel companion whether you are taking a hike, a casual stroll across the park or a long journey cross country.
  • World Travel Map – This is also perfect for summer travels, planning you’re itinerary and seeing all the amazing places that you want to visit while the weather is still good for road trips and long drives around the country.

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