4 Ways to use BAA LED tubes to enhance your interior design and functionality

BAA LED Tubes Featured

LEDs have been used in industrial buildings for a long time, but in the last years more and more home owners turned to LED fittings to enhance their interior design. Modern LED light fittings are more expensive than other types of light fittings, but they also have a lot more advantages.

They come in a wide range of colors, which can be used to stimulate the circadian rhythm of the body, as well as induce a visually pleasing atmosphere. Because they are more energy effective, BAA LED tubes can be used in areas where you need to keep the lights on for a long period of time, like the staircases.

Recessed LED lights

One of the places where you can use LED lights is the bathroom. Recessed LED lights are often a better option than other types of lighting, because they require less frequent change. As changing a recessed light is quite problematic, using LED lights is more comfortable. Most lights only require simple wiring, but some of them ask for control gear. In this case, you need to designate a special maintenance space for the it. Recessed LED lights also need to have protection against wet environments, known as ingress protection.

Kitchen lighting         

One of the rooms where BAA LED tubes look amazing is the kitchen. First, LED lights provide a lot of light, which is perfect for cooking, but they can also help build an entertaining atmosphere, if they come in colors. One of the most visually appealing way to use LED tubes in the kitchen is to install them on the lower part of the counters and kitchen island. This way, they will light up the floor, making it look glamorous. Depending on your chosen design, you can use cool colors to gain a modern, sleek look or warm colors for a cozy vibe.

Dressing rooms LED lights

BAA compliant LED tubes can easily enhance your dressing room. Place them on the clothing rails to provide an out of the box look for your dressing, as well as enough light to help you pick the right outfit. You can also install LED tubes behind the dressing room’s shelves, to provide light and a special, glam feeling. One of the advantages of LED lights is that they can be installed in any shape, from simple strips to circles, which makes them highly versatile.

Play with colors

Apart from playing with the lights themselves, you can also play with the colors. You can use LED lights to highlight certain areas of the house. One great example is using them on the staircases. You can either place them on each stair, to provide light, either place them below the staircase, for a design boost. Because there are LED tubes which have multiple color diodes and can provide light in several colors, you can set them to alternate between different colors. LEDs work great at giving a plain home feature an amazing look.

Free your creativity and use BAA LED tubes in innovative ways, taking advantage of their versatility, to create a modern, unique home design.

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