Programmatic Advertising is Changing the Game


Advertising has long been the predominant source of revenue for a brand in media and entertainment. Now programmatic advertising is disrupting the landscape and opening breakthrough possibilities. Programmatic ads have been used for years in display formats, but are now moving into digital video and video-on-demand. Brands can now segment and target audiences while automatically […]

Swype is Dead, but Here’s Another Option


At the beginning of this March, Nuance, the company that acquired veteran swipe-to-type keyboard maker Swype announced that they were “sorry to leave the direct-to consumer keyboard business” but on the other side decided to “concentrate on developing our AI solutions”. Indeed, for all fans of third-party keyboards this is a mournful news. On Facebook, […]

How To Focus At Work

how to focus at work

We have all faced a time when you are working and something else comes up.  This distraction may not be important, but you end up giving it all of your attention and when you return to your work you have no idea where you left off or what you need to do.  You simply can’t […]